10 Simple Things That Can Boost Your Child's Brain Power

Your child is amazing! From birth to age three, your child's brain is making billions of connections and learning all about the world. What you do (or don't do) can make a big difference.

1. Interaction - Spend time watching me and responding to my cues. It tells me I'm important and special to you.

2. Loving Touch - Cradle me, hold me. Give me lots of hugs. It keeps me calm and comforts me, and gives me courage to move on.

3. Stable Relationship - I need someone special to be there when I call. When I look around and see you, I know I can go far.

4. Safe, Healthy Environment - Plug the outlets, block the stairs. Keep lead away for sure! Make a safe, special place so I'm free to explore.

5. Self-Esteem - I can do it, yes I can, if you tell me. So pay attention, give me praise and watch me go, go, go!

6. Quality Child Care - When you're gone I need to be with people you can trust to help me grow and teach me new, exciting stuff.

7. Communication - I may not talk, but don't be fooled, I understand a lot. Our little conversations mean so very much!

8. Play - Play is fun, play is work, it's how I learn the ropes. When we play together you help me more than you know.

9. Music - 1,2,3 sing to me and make up silly tunes. Music is special time that's fun to share with you.

10. Reading - Read to me, show me books with lots of pretty pictures. Write my stories out in words. I'll love to read forever.

Courtesy of Safe From The Start, California Attorney General's Office. www.safefromthestart.org