Pregnant Teen and Teen Parent Resources

Teen parents who learn good parenting skills create better futures for themselves and their children. Despite the negative literature and research about adolescent parenting, many teen parents experience positive life changes. Self-esteem and strong support systems are crucial to the development of good parenting skills. Strong ties with family, friends, and/or community groups help provide the support a young family needs, particularly in the beginning. These support systems help increase self-image, which better prepares young parents to meet the needs of their children.

Many find it helpful to work with a professional during the transition period into parenthood. Other resources can help reduce stress, provide valuable information, and link you to programs and services that will help you. Classes, support groups, housing, and health information for you and your baby can be useful to help relieve the economic, social, and psychological stress that teen parents feel.

Services for You

Services for your Baby

Finishing your Education

  • Your Education Options (Continuation High School: 213-241-4586)
  • Ramona School Opportunity (323-563-6692 or 213-381-2823)
  • List of LA Schools with Childcare (213-625-3276)
  • Parenting Classes (